European Liberals need an Agora for Dialogue

My name is Christopher Gohl, and I’m a liberal European. As an organizer, or as the participating practical philosopher, I have taken part in the past ten years in Manifesto discussions of Germany’s Free Democrats, the Alliance of Liberal and Democrats in Europe, and the Liberal International – all soul searching exercises within the larger liberal movement.

A few days ago, the ALDE Convention of European Liberals took its final vote on its ALDE Manifesto 2019. I was a member of the commitee which prepared it, and I think our debate is far from over. Europe is under pressure, and so is liberalism. In order to meet the challenges of tomorrow, we need more debate and dialogue among liberals from all over Europe.

For this dialogue, we also need an Agora. I envision this blog to be a place where I can share my own as well as the viewpoints and positions of others, where dissent is a pathway to learning more, and where I can contribute to building a shared  common ground for a free and open Europe of peace, prosperity, and progress for everyone.

Let’s walk together and talk together, liberals of Europe!

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